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EVFASTx3 Level 2 EVSE Electric Vehicle Charger (Combo 120&240V, 16A) - Deluxe Home Kit Includes: 120V Adapter, Cable Hanger, Rain Bonnet. Portable EVSE Charging Station 100% Test, long 3Yr Warranty!

Price: $199.95
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Availability: Not Available Discontinued

Manufacturer Description

EVDoctor, the #1 Expert on the web, offers the EVFASTx3 Family of Electric Vehicle Chargers, the fastest, most efficient way to charge your car.

Don't risk your EV. Buy only products are 100% tested on custom designed EVSE simulator/ analyzer equipment before shipment.

The Home Kit is our most popular. It plugs into a 240V outlet (6-20R) and includes an adapter to plug into a 120V outlet (5-15R). Safely store and protect your cables on the EVDoctor repurposed Cable Hanger and the EVDoctor Rain Bonnet. Proudly display the exclusive 'EVs Save The Planet Sticker. Other adapters can be ordered separately.

This is a portable Level 2 16A 240V charger has a 26' cable that can be plugged into standard 120V or 240V outlets at charging stations at home or on the road. It is 3x faster than a level 1 charger and compatible with all EVs and plug-in hybrid vehicles, you can spend less time waiting on your battery and hit the road fast no matter which EV make and model you drive.

EVFASTx3 has been tested with: Chevy Volt, Bolt, Spark / Toyota Prius, Rav4 / Nissan LEAF / Ford Focus, Fusion, C-MAX / Kia Soul EV/ Honda Clarity / BMW i3 / VW eGolf / Tesla Model 3 / Fiat 500e/ Smart Car / Hyundai Ioniq and more.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. We offer the industry leading 3 year warranty (* registration required) and knowledgeable local service before and after the sale. If you have a question or problem, please do not hesitate to contact us.

EVDoctor is the #1 Expert on the web with 50 years of electronic product development and repair experience. We love to help EV Drivers who have joined us in saving the planet.

Product Features

DON'T PAY DEALER PRICE, 100% TESTED, BETTER WARRANTY:  Upgrade with an EVFASTx3 level 2 charger at less than ½ the price of many Level 1 chargers. Fully 100% tested in our EV Test Lab, backed by the #1 in local customer service, and an industry leading 3Yr warranty*. COMPATIBLE WITH ALL EVS AND PHEVS: The J1772 charging handle works with the Chevy Volt, Bolt, Spark / Toyota Prius, Rav4 / Nissan LEAF / Ford Focus, Fusion, C-MAX / Kia Soul EV/ Honda Clarity / BMW i3 / VW eGolf / Tesla Model 3 (with adapter) / Fiat 500e/ Smart Car and more. EXTRA FAST,  UL SAFETY: The portable EVFASTx3 charges at up to 3.8kWatts (240V@16Amps) and adds ~13+ miles to your battery for each hour charged. (That's three times more than a 1.4kW level 1 charger.) EVFASTx3 is highly reliable and market tested. It complies with the UL 2594 and the SAE J1772-2010 specifications. The J1772 handle is UL E364477 certified. EXTRA LONG CORD:  The portable EVFASTx3 comes with a 26' cord that will reach both sides of your car and can be plugged into standard 120V or 240V outlets at home or on the road. Adapters available for most 120V& 240V outlets. BONUS ITEMS: All EVFASTx3 kits come with one or more of:  a wall hanger, travel bag, and rain bonnet to protect your investment and power adapters for 120V (Level 1) & 240V (Level 2) outlets. Eg. 6-50, 10-30, 14-30, 14-50 and more.  You even get the famous "EV's Save the Planet" sticker to display with EV Pride!

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